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Look, no matter what adversity we face, we stand for what is right. To betray our beliefs, Merlin, that is what would destroy everything we’ve strived for. I swear I’m going to rescue my men… or die trying.

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didn’t i my dear?

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this is it

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gif meme: clara oswald + tickles my pickle (requested by claraslost)

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Doctor Who + Colors

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catching fire meme → [1/1] pairing 
"You know, I think this is the first time we’ve ever done anything normal together."
"Yeah," I agree. Our whole relationship has been tainted by the games. Normal was never a part of it. "Nice for a change."

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OUAT rewatch: 01x16

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Favorite Supernatural Episodes: Pilot 1x01

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So, so far he has told the doorbell to shut up, shot it, and put it in the fridge.

Look at his perfect profile. God.

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unfortunately, i think that’s true

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You were the first face this face saw.

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